Management and ecology

Management objectives
  • Soil as a production factor should be maintained and improved
  • Account taken of orderly game biotope management
  • Maintenance and encouragement of maximum biodiversity
  • Implementation of the PEFC forest management principles
  • Use of the natural resources owned by the business

Woodland management

Woodland management is planned and organised by highly qualified forestry personnel. Alongside natural restocking, around 80,000 to 100,000 LIECO container seedlings are planted each year. In order to ensure environment-friendly forest management for the future, there is a need for a comprehensive network of forest roads. Due to the steepness of the terrain and for ecological reasons 75% of the wood is harvested by cable crane.

All forestry measures take account of the site's natural conditions. The aim is to create optimum circumstances for plant growth. To this purpose, methods are selected that have a positive influence on the environment. This secures the ability of the forest soil to provide sustained growth for the future.

Game and water

Kalwang is located in one of Europe's last red deer core zones. The management of the fauna and flora is seen in a larger context, and is coordinated with game biotope management. This allows forestry and hunting to pursue a common path to maintain an interesting game population.

The main game species present:
Red deer, chamois, roe deer, mufflon, ibex, wood grouse, black grouse, marmot

Forest management gives high priority to safeguarding the existing water resources. Together with the Province of Styria, we pursue permanent quality assurance measures to secure the spring water protection zone of our drinking water power plant, which extends over several 100 hectares.
Game and water


Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management Vienna looks after and maintains the real estate owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein in Vienna.

Wilfersdorf Agricultural & Forestry Company

Wilfersdorf Agricultural and Forestry Company works the agricultural and forestry property of the Foundation.

Kalwang Forest

The Kalwang Forest in Upper Styria concentrates on natural mountain forestry, hunting and fishing.

Renewable Energy

Liechtenstein Energie GmbH & Co KG and Geoterra GmbH focus on generating energy from water power and wind power.


The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE and the CITY PALACE are notable for their stunning symbiosis of architecture and masterpieces of art history.


The Princely Wilfersdorf domains together with the Liechtenstein winery produce wines and sparkling wines to meet every taste and standard.


LIECO GmbH & Co KG has been producing high-quality forestry container seedlings with guaranteed origin for optimum growth rates since 1985.


RiceTec is the first enterprise in North and South America that commercially markets hybrid rice seed.