Ecology projects

The Foundation Prince Liechtenstein's agricultural and forestry land has for centuries been worked by the same owner. Sustainability and responsibility for coming generations have always played an important role in the use of the land, and are principles that are firmly anchored in the business objectives. Alongside the basic endeavours to work the Foundation's own lands in maximum harmony with nature, numerous ecological projects are currently being pursued in the Wilfersdorf agricultural and forestry operations.
The Wilfersdorf Agricultural and forestry company takes part in different nature protection and agrarian development programmes. We are pleased to refer to the following institutions and we would like to thank them for their support.

Ecology projects

Fields and meadows

ÖPUL – the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programme
  • Use of site-adapted varieties
  • Reduced fertiliser quantities, depending on regular soil examinations and minimum plant requirements
  • Renunciation of certain plant protection agents
  • Winter vegetation to prevent erosion and nitrogen being washed out
  • 20-year decommissioning of arable land
  • Nurture of ecologically valuable wetlands and dry grassland (floodplains, Vienna Woods)
  • 15% of the arable area is reserved for nature protection

Other measures
  • Leasing of 38 hectares to the Auring Association Hohenau as a bird protection paradise
  • "Birds' wedding" circular walk on land belonging to the farm
  • Conversion of arable land to meadow in the March-Thaya floodplains
  • Creation of wetland biotopes
  • Planting of approximately 6 km of hedges as an integrated biotope system
  • Corncrake protection programme
Fields and meadows

Forest and water

  • Moravka Nature Reserve in Hohenau
  • Careful use of the nature and landscape protection zones in the March and Thaya floodplains
  • Activation of old branches of the March and Thaya rivers to improve water supply to floodplain forest areas. Accolade in the "Water life" competition.
  • Cultivation and harvesting of recognised seed crops to maintain genetic diversity (narrow-leaved ash, mountain oak, sycamore, beech etc.)
  • Reservation of quiet zones without hunting or fishing
  • Creation of a 5,500 m long and 30 m wide strip of riverside land along the natural banks of the Thaya and renunciation of forestry use (EU project)
  • Vienna Woods biosphere park: 150 hectares of voluntary core zone (without forestry use)

Forest and water

Wind and bioenergy

Kettlasbrunn wind farm
  • Project idea and development
  • 20 two-megawatt wind turbines
  • Generation of 84 million kWh electricity
  • Power supply to 24,000 households
  • Annual saving of 30 million litres of oil
  • Annual reduction of CO2 by 72,000 tonnes

Wilfersdorf-Erdberg wind park
  • Leasing of land for a wind turbine

Forestry woodchip production
  • Long-term supply of forest biomass to various heating plants (Vienna Simmering, EVN Mödling etc.)
  • Member of the Biomass Joint-Venture: State Prize for Exemplary Forestry 2006
Wind and bioenergy


Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management Vienna looks after and maintains the real estate owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein in Vienna.

Wilfersdorf Agricultural & Forestry Company

Wilfersdorf Agricultural and Forestry Company works the agricultural and forestry property of the Foundation.

Kalwang Forest

The Kalwang Forest in Upper Styria concentrates on natural mountain forestry, hunting and fishing.

Renewable Energy

Liechtenstein Energie GmbH & Co KG and Geoterra GmbH focus on generating energy from water power and wind power.


The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE and the CITY PALACE are notable for their stunning symbiosis of architecture and masterpieces of art history.


The Princely Wilfersdorf domains together with the Liechtenstein winery produce wines and sparkling wines to meet every taste and standard.


LIECO GmbH & Co KG has been producing high-quality forestry container seedlings with guaranteed origin for optimum growth rates since 1985.


RiceTec is the first enterprise in North and South America that commercially markets hybrid rice seed.