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Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management Vienna looks after and maintains the real estate owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein in Vienna.

Wilfersdorf Agricultural & Forestry Company

Wilfersdorf Agricultural and Forestry Company works the agricultural and forestry property of the Foundation.

Kalwang Forest

The Kalwang Forest in Upper Styria concentrates on natural mountain forestry, hunting and fishing.

Renewable Energy

Liechtenstein Energie GmbH & Co KG and Geoterra GmbH focus on generating energy from water power and wind power.


The Liechtenstein GARDEN PALACE and the CITY PALACE are notable for their stunning symbiosis of architecture and masterpieces of art history.


The Princely Wilfersdorf domains together with the Liechtenstein winery produce wines and sparkling wines to meet every taste and standard.


LIECO GmbH & Co KG has been producing high-quality forestry container seedlings with guaranteed origin for optimum growth rates since 1985.


RiceTec is the first enterprise in North and South America that commercially markets hybrid rice seed.